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Introduction to Composer

Tony Turner's biography is available in his web page .

In his talk and performance for our congregation in 2009 Tony revealed that he had been a student of geography and always appreciated the close relationship between people and the land. Leaving the rocks and sea skies of eastern Canada, he fell in love with the black earth and big empty blue skies of Alberta and was fascinated about everything else in between. Since then, he has continued to explore the land and the individual stories of people from all across Canada, from sea to sea to sea.

Composer's Introduction

According to Tony's website:

"Tony tapped into his own powerful creative energy after joining Writers' Bloc, Ottawa's songwriters' collective. The songs and stories began spilling out of him like a spring flood. Soon after he wrote the anthem Circle of Song, a musical tribute to that nurturing group."

Circle Song has become a favorite of many congregation of Unitarians has has been performed all over North America. After the Unitarian shooting in Tennessee, the Knoxville congregation chose to sing his song, Circle Song, to begin their healing process. Tony is grateful that his words could help them.

In the following video of the redeication ceremony in Knoxville, the singing of the Circle of Song begins at 8:59 from the end. Here is the web page for the video from WBIR in Knoxville .

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