Today is June 29, 2016


While larger congregations have professional ministers, who have received intensive professional education, smaller church congregations do not have the resources to hire professional ministers, and thus depend on lay leadership. The Unitarian Congregation of Niagara is such a congregation The pulpit is offered to a diversity of individuals on Sundays, some professional ministers from our own or other denominations, but mostly, lay expert speakers on a variety of topics that are deemed to be of relevance to the congregation.

Rites of passage, such as child dedications, marriages, celebrations of life and memorial services, are condcuted by trained lay chaplains who are licensed by the Province of Ontario for the performance of marriage ceremonies.

The Unitarian Congregation of Niagara has two lay chaplains: Karen Hosein and Ed Gilbert. They can be contacted by email at or you can leave a message on the church telephone, (905) 687-8433

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